How To Pick A Toolbox Lock? (2 Effective Ways)

If you have lost your toolbox key, it is not a problem. But this issue can be annoying if you need to open the box urgently and don’t know where to start.

You may think that breaking the lock with tools is the only way out of this situation. However, there are other ways as well – picking a toolbox lock without a key.

This technique will help you unlock any type of padlock in no time.

If you have some tools at home, you can pick up the lock without breaking it. This is not only an effective way to open a locked toolbox but also useful in other situations when there is no key.

Follow these two ways and learn how to pick a toolbox lock effectively. Let’s get started.

How to pick a toolbox lock

What is Lock Picking?

Lock picking is a way that many people used to open the key. When it’s use any substance or tool to unlock any lock by tricking the lock’s original function.

Exotic substances work what its key has, and every locks have their specific ways of operation if you know about them then you can easily get into anything whenever needed.

How To Pick A Toolbox Lock

A toolbox lock is not as secure as you might think. In fact, it’s very easy to break in through the tumbler or keyhole.

Some common ways to get into a toolbox are using a shim pick, wrench and paper clips. Well, the choice depends on what you will do with it.

Pick A Toolbox Lock With Tools: 4 Easy Steps

Most of the locks of the tool chest are dead-bolt system locks. All you need is a bit of patience and two tools. The tools are:

  • A tension wrench or tool chest lock rod
  • A lock pick (snake style
Tool Wrench & Tool pick

Step 1) Rotate the tension wrench to the clockwise direction

Take your tension wrench or tool chest lock rod. If you do not manage it for now, then bend a metal stick slightly at the top like a tension wrench.

Enter the bent side into the key-way. Give continuous pressure to the keyhole with the tension wrench.

You have to give this pressure to the shear line. Try to rotate it clockwise.

Step 2) Insert a snake lock pick at the bottom of the keyhole

Now enter a snake lock pick to the keyhole. Push the pin at the back of the lock. Remember that the rotating and pushing go together.

Step 3) Wiggle the lock pins in upward point

Push the lock pin upward position and scrubbing it to the pin. Try to Snape the lock pin gently. Look out that all the pins should way out with a collision.

Step 4) Give continuous compression and rotate

If you scrub the lock pin in the right way, the shear pins will set, and you can rotate the wrench in a clockwise direction. See, you unlock your tool chest.

How to pick a toolbox lock

Pick A Tool Chest Lock with Paper Clips: 4 Easy Steps

Sometimes you can not arrange the special tools for unlocking the box because it locks all of your implements inside the box.

In this circumstance, manage two strong paperclips and see how to unlock a tool chest without lock tools.

You need to have a set of lock-picking tools handy for any emergency. But what if you don’t? Take some help from your own hands with this simple tip.

Pick a tool chest with paperclips

Step 1) Make straight the paper clips

Unfold the paperclips and straight at them. Take one and bend it in 90° at the middle. You have two parts of a clip.

Take one part and bend it again in 90° inwards position. This tool will work as a tension wrench. The other clip will act as a lock rod.

Step 2) Give pressure to the hole by the tension clip

Enter the tension wrench to the shear line of the keyhole and press force continuously.

Scrub the tension along with pushing. Simultaneously, rotate in the clockwise direction.

Use paperclips to pick a lock

Step 3) Use another pin to jiggle

Insert another pin to the upper portion of the lock and wiggle it upward. Make sure that the pin will reach the end of the hole. Do this continuous raking.

Step 4) Raking and rotating will go together

Rake the pin and give pressure to the tension. You feel that all the pin of the lock is set for unlock position. There can click in the lock.

Shake the clip pin to unlock the lock pins. You will hear a click sound. Rotate the tension wrench and unlock the toolbox. Here you go.


How easy is it to pick a lock?

It’s need lots of hours of practice to be skillful in lock picking.

You need some dedication and patience to understand the process. Grasp the basics of lock mechanism and keep practicing with ordinary locks.

There are thousands of different lock to learn. But it’s quiet easy to unlock tool box’s lock.

What is the easiest and quickest way to pick a lock?

Racking is one of the easiest ways to pick a lock. Using this technique can unlock basic features in locks but not as effective for different variations on its design, making it an amateur move that should only be used when there’s no other option available.

What household items can you pick a lock with?

There are many ways you can use to pick a lock. You can use household bobby pins, paperclips to pick a lock.

These items are available in every home and have been used for centuries to open locks. But these materials may be limited in locks that require more complex techniques but work great for basic systems!

How many ways can you pick a lock?

You’ve probably heard a few terms thrown around when it comes to picking locks. There are the basic, like racking and zip lock – but there’s also reverse-picking.

It’s very different from country to country (Lock picking laws by United states). In case of household use, picking a lock is not a criminal intent. If you use it for any security breaking, then it seems illegal.

It is not illegal to learn or own lock picking equipment. However, if you tamper with a lock that does not belong to you, it might be considered breaking and entering and thus illegal.

Can you pick a lock with a credit card?

Yes, you can pick a lock using a credit card. If the lock is only in use for opening cabinets or drawers, it may not be too difficult to open even with thin plastic such as a credit card.

I really don’t recommend trying to pick a lock with a credit card, it’s very difficult and there are easier ways to break into cars.

It will take quite some time for you to actually get the door open using this method.

How do you drill out a lock?

Not every lock needs to drill out. Take your decision based on types of lock. You can use drill in Tumbler lock but not suitable for security locks.

Will this work on all locks?

Above techniques not work in different locks as security features different. Mechanized locks are really different and the best technique may not work on all of them.

How much time does it take to pick the average lock?

It takes the average person between four and thirty seconds to pick the lock on a door.

The time it takes varies depending on factors such as resistance in a cylinder, poor quality of tools, or if an individual has had training.

Final Words

Mastering the art of picking locks is no simple task. There’s a lot that goes into it, and you’re going to need some tools if you want any luck at all.

Pick up anything with a pointy end, like an ice pick or screwdriver, for making tension on the metal pins in your lock so they can be pushed out by applying pressure from various angles; just make sure not to use something sharp enough (like scissors) which might inadvertently damage your delicate casing.

It takes patience and skillful hands when trying to master this process, but there are plenty of tutorials online full of advice geared towards beginners who also have trouble figuring things out: such as how much torque should be applied based on what type of lock one is working.