How To Open Craftsman Tool Chest Drawers?

Do you need to open your Craftsman toolbox drawers of tools?

I think after using it for a long time, your storage cabinet’s drawer unit may be stuck or jammed. Some people are facing problems with the lock mechanism to open the drawers.

Craftsman metal storage’s are famous for its durable quality and best utility. Professionals use these models to store their equipment safely.

But sometimes, there can be a tool or something stuck behind the drawers, which can stop the drawer from coming.

We have some easy tricks to share with you on how to open Craftsman tool chest drawers.

How To Remove Craftsman Tool Chest Drawers?

How To Open Craftsman Tool Chest Drawers

After using a long time, dirt and grease close the drawers slide flexibility. Sometimes a tool can be stuck between the slide and the drawer glide.

So, you need to open or remove the toolbox drawers to clean them properly.

Craftsman chest drawers are three types: rolling, friction, and ball-bearing.

Let me describe how to open or remove your craftsman tool chest drawers.

1. How to Open Rolling Drawer

In the case of rolling drawers, pull out the drawer at its end and lift it upwards. It will easily come off from the chest.

When you want to install it again, enter the drawer from an upward to a downward position. Now let’s see the process on the other two types of the drawer.

2. How to Open Friction Slide Drawer

Step 1) At first, take out all the drawer content, that one you want to open. Because tools are weighty and you feel the problem to open the drawer with tools.

Step 2) Take a metal strap and bent it slightly at the top. Bent it a minimum of half an inch.

Step 3) Your friction slide drawer (non-ball-bearing drawer slide) has a small lock at the two ends of the drawer.

These locks prevent coming out of the drawer automatically. Enter the strap between the slide and glide. Make sure your strap stays on the lock.

Step 4) Force pressure on the lock at the same time pull the side, and it will come off. In case of the other side of the drawer, do the same thing.

3. How to Open Ball-Bearing Slide Drawer

Step 1) Empty the drawer and pull it towards you.

Step 2) The ball-bearing slide has a lever or tab in both outer rails. If there are levers, then lift them in the opposite direction of the current spot. The drawer will release effortlessly.

If there are drawer tabs or clips, press them by your finger, and the slide lock bar will release the drawer.

Tool chest locks are made for internal security. That’s why it locks the whole chest. Once you lock the point, it will lock all the drawers.

How To Open Deadbolt Lock

Step 1) Take a flat or flathead screwdriver. Manage a thin metal strap and bent it a little at the top. Fix the strap at the rectangular hole of the lock.

Step 2) Enter the strap and the screwdriver together to the lock. Press the screwdriver tightly. You feel a lock.

When the lock will replace, rotate the strap similar to a key direction. The lock will open, and you can pull open the drawers.

Remove the Drawer with the Whole Lock Mechanism

Step 1) Unlock the chest lock. Open the top lid or drawer of the Craftsman tool chest. Now, go to the connection side of the drawers.

You will find two to three latches connected to the lock stick. When you lock the key, these latches lock the entire system.

Step 2) Take a thin metal stick or a small-size screwdriver and a hammer. Push the stick into the latch pin and hammer it outwards.

The pin will come off, and the lock stick also releases. Do the same thing with other pins.

Now the whole lock action is deactivated, and you can open your preferable drawer without using the key.

You can fix the whole lock system to set the pins into the latch again.

Remove The Lock from the Drawer

Step 1) If you do not need to use the lock, you can remove it. Open the drawer without a key whenever you want. 

Enter the key to the lock. Don’t rotate the key. Only keep the key still.

Step 2) Now rotate the round outer rail of the lock (use your finger) and press and rotate the key clockwise.

The lock will come off from the chest. You can reset the lock again to do these steps in reverse.


I have a six-drawer ball bearing chest, and its drawers often stop during the opening. How can I fix the stop of the drawers on my chest?

Maybe there is dirt between your drawers, glide, and slide. Or something gets stuck there. Remove your drawer from the chest altogether and clean the slides.

My Craftsman chest lock seems ok, and the key is rotating. But the chest remains locked. I used the right key and pull and push the drawer many times. But nothing happens.

I think your chest lock is jammed, or something slid into it. Try it to shake the box and jerk it.

You can put some lubricant into the lock and wait a day. If it is jammed for something with dirt, it will evaporate.

In conclusion, Here we try our best to express the matters of this drawer opening problem.

Tools are heavy metal and can cause serious accidents of any unconscious use. The toolbox service provider uses the safest friction or ball-bearing drawers system.

As a result, the drawers or tray do not come out even with any heavy pressure. Now you know how to open craftsman tool chest drawers easily in case of any cleaning or repairing issue.