How To Install A Truck Toolbox?

When you need your necessary tools every day, avoid leaving them on the truck bed. They can get harm in the sun and rain even lost.

And you will feel disgusted by their clinking sounds during driving your truck. So it would be best if you badly had a truck toolbox.

It is not a challenging task to learn how to install a truck toolbox. It is a less hacking fixing task that will take your few minutes. Our article will help you to do this task flawlessly.

How to install a truck toolbox?

Necessary Accessories to set a truck toolbox

You will need some tools as connectors which usually come with a box. If not, you can manage these from any hardware shop. The tools are :

  • An open-end spanner.
  • A rubber or foam shit
  • Four aluminum heavy duty j-bolt plugs
  • Four washers, and
  • Four nuts.

Installation of a Truck Toolbox

Before buying a toolbox, measure your truck bed. Confirm where you want to install the box. You can choose the place behind the cab or beside the side rail.

Take a box that will fit into space. Remember about the easy opening and use of the box.

Step 1) Place The Toolbox At The Right Position

Your truck toolbox has two sides of holes to attach it behind the cab. If it is a flush mount toolbox, you have to drill the truck bed according to the box holes.

Step 2) Stick The Padding On The Rails.

Cut some pieces of rubber or thick foam for padding and stick them under the box rail side. You can stick the padding on the railing also. This rubber will protect the paint of the truck and box from corrosion and scratches.

Step 3) Fit The bolts

Open the lid of the box. There are four holes by the side of the box or under the box. Enter the J-bolts under the box holes.

The bent J should be set under the truck’s railing, and the long stick should place through the box hole.

If the holes are in the box bed, use heavy bolts to connect it with the truck bed.

Step 4) Tight the J-bolts with washers and nuts.

Use washers up at the box to set the J-bolts. Tighten nuts to secure the positions of the bolts.
Make sure the box is set on the truck securely and firmly. But not over tightly, which will exploit the box or truck paint.

Now you know how to install a truck toolbox. It will be wise to buy an aluminum box for a secure store of your tools.

Moreover, confirm its withstand set up to endure any jerking during traveling.