How To Clean A Paslode Finish Nailer?

How to Clean a Paslode Finish Nailer

Paslode nail gun as a long-lasting tool. But regular maintenance is necessary for constant efficiency. Some people may think cleaning is a complicated process.I think a misconception is existing that clean a Paslode finish nailer is a tough job?

A few steps are all you need to do the job. Here I’m narrating the whole procedure: how to easily clean a Paslode finish nailer? Read the article up to the bottom. Then cleaning your Paslode nail gun would be a simple task.

What is a Paslode Nail Gun?

Paslode is a famous manufacturing company that is the first to make pneumatic nailers in the world.

They also invented nail guns like finish nailers, brad nailers, framing nailers. The nail guns are used as a replacement for hammers. The company also manufactures some specialized nailers for professionals. We can use these nail guns for regular carpentry jobs.

But they are also suitable for harsh working conditions. The company has a wide variety of choices which you can find in Paslode factory outlet stores.

If you need any spare parts, service for parts are available from the company. They will also offer Paslode repair service when it is necessary.

Types of Paslode Nail Gun

Mainly there are two types of Paslode guns used for various jobs. Cordless nailer and Pneumatic nailerPaslode cordless nailers are battery-powered.

Well, it is the most significant advantage that they mostly use rechargeable batteries in cordless ones. But pneumatic nailer is air-powered. An air compressor is used as a power source.

How to Clean a Paslode Nail Gun?

Before you get to the cleaning process, you would like some tools. Buying them won’t be difficult if you have any Paslode cleaning manual.

It will be unnecessary to call for help when you could do regular cleaning jobs following this manual. Well, the necessary tools are:

  • Paslode de-greaser
  • Allen wrench ( two types: 5/32 inch for cordless and 9/64 for pneumatic)
  • Paslode lubricant oil
  • Safety glasses
  • Paslode tool manual
  • A lint-free rag to avoid dust spreadingScrewdriver

As we mentioned earlier, two types of nailers are used widely. Any extra kits won’t be necessary, but you have to follow different cleaning steps.

Steps for Cordless Nailer

Before you start the process, remove the lithium-ion battery from the nailer. The fuel canister is another part to remove, or else some burning situations might occur.

First, split the nailer by removing the magazine handle from the cylinder head. Again, motor assembly is another part to remove.

Then wash the air filter on the grill. To avoid dust spreading, place the rag under the cylinder head and clean it with de-greaser cleaner.

It will help if you do not forget to lubricate the seal rings with oil. Now come to the combustion chamber and spray cleaners while pistons are downwards position.

Again use the rag to get rid of the combustion residue by reverting to the chamber.

After oiling the motors, you can invert the motor assembly to its original position. Then it is time to reassemble the parts.

You should double-check the parts after cleaning and can also use if more de-greaser is necessary.

How to Clean Pneumatic Paslode Nailers

The first step is to disconnect the power and let the motor coil cool down. Then you remove screws and split caps, filter, and grille. Wash the filter with soap water.

There are many wires in the fan motor circuit board which run the entire system. They also connect the spark plug wire.

You must unplug all the cables carefully. The rest of the process is just like cordless nailers.

You can also read the maintenance guide payloads to learn more detail about the steps.

Maintenance of Paslode Nail Gun

Regular maintenance is necessary when you want to use your nailer in the long run. But if you do not do that, you would face a Paslode nail gun problem, which might cost you a bit.

Some professional cleaning is also possible for those who do not want to break a sweat. If you pay attention to maintenance, a simple 7.4V lithium-ion battery change will solve the entire problem.

Otherwise, Paslode factory service technicians can resolve it. But that will be costly. Therefore, it will be recommended to schedule a maintenance time.

What if My Paslode Cordless Nailer isn’t working?

It is regrettable when the nailers stop suddenly. The first issue that will come to your mind is non-compatible batteries inside the gun.

They do not work with alternate batteries. Sometimes the reason could be damaged battery contacts of guns. If the gun is out of charge, it will stop working. Then it would be best if you carried a battery charger in the toolbox.

Well, another reason could be a loose wire clip into the circuit. Sometimes nailer circuit board might damage due to frequent cleaning processes. It can be a cause of the buildup of combustion chamber malfunctions. That is why cordless nailers may not work sometimes.

The Nailer Fires, but no Nails are being Driven. What Causes this?

Well, it is a matter of getting tensed. That is because maximum problems occur if guns are not under maintenance. Sometimes battery pads are locked loosely, which does not allow enough power in the shooting.

If you use the wrong type of nails, no nail will drive. Often the gas fuel cell gets empty or expired. That is why you must use Paslode official fuel cells in your gun.

It is a possibility that cylinder head assembly goes wrong after cleaning. Sometimes the firing pin gets bent or lost from the gun while cleaning.

Again a nail jam can be a cause of nails not being driven.

Final Words

We suppose you get the answer to the question of how to clean a Paslode finish nailer? A bit of advice that spends 15 to 20 minutes in maintenance instead of spending some money.

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