How To Unjam A Nail Gun?

Nail guns are a great way to build things quickly and easily, but they can be a pain to use. When you’re working on something important, it’s frustrating when your nail gun jams. It wastes time and is just plain annoying.

At the end of this article, you will learn about why a nail gun not shooting and how to unjam a nail gun.

Hopefully, you may fix your nail gun jam issue and you’ll be back at work in no time at all.

What is Nail Gun Jamming

Nail gun jamming happened when nails stuck in the nail gun nosepiece or magazine during nailing. Nail a faulty gas line or power supply usually causes gun jams.

If you have ever used a nail gun, then you know how hard it is to get jammed. Most of the time, this occurs because there are nails that are too short or old that cannot be fired out of the weapon.

Why a Nail Gun Not Shooting Nail?

The nail gun could be jammed. There are many reason a nail gun is not firing.

The first step in fixing a nail gun jamming problem is finding and clearing the blockage. In most cases, that’s all you have to do.

Let me put a brief how a nail gun work to visualize the problem. The nail gun has a magazine where the nails are stored.

As the nail gun fires, it sends a small amount of air through the little hole at the end of your hose where it connects to your compressor.

The air goes through another opening into the compressor. Then nail gun compressor drive nails into a surface. It’s like a mini jackhammer that can be powered by an air compressor or even corded power tools.

1. Imbalance in Air Pressure

There may be several problems causing the nail gun to not fire. It could be a bad fuse, or low gas pressure in the fuel tank.

It is empty, outdated, or not correctly fixed in the gas fuel cell. Imbalance in air pressure is another vital reason of not shooting.

If you remove the cap and squeeze the trigger, it should fire a nail into your target surface.

2. Wrong Sized Nail

If you’re using a nail gun, it’s important to use one that matches the nails that you’ll be using. A smaller nail will fit better in a small-sized gun than in a larger one.

You need to have the right sized nail gun if you want it to function properly. Otherwise, there is a risk of jamming.

3. Incorrect Nail Loading

In my experience, the most common cause for a nail gun misfiring is incorrect loading. Common causes of misfiring in nail guns include loading nails into the gun backwards and firing at a small distance.

4. Improper Cleaning of Nosepiece

The nose air cylinders have to deal with plenty of oil. And most of the time, a shortage of oil creates the problem.

Then make sure that there is enough lubrication on the springs of the hammer mechanism, and check for worn parts that may.

How to Unjam a Nail Gun : 5 Easy Steps 

For better understanding, we can divide the entire process into a few simple steps. To keep it simple, follow it step by step.

Step 1 – Disconnect Power Connection

As we have mentioned earlier, accidents and injuries can occur even when followed by the strictest procedure. Nail guns are hazardous, and it is imperative to reduce the risk of injury.

And as the first step of removing jammed nails, cut the connection of the nail gun from the power source. Make sure you removed the electrical cord. Remove battery from battery operated nail gun.

Step 2 – Check the Releasing Lever

If you are an experienced nail gun user, then the second step is easier for you. New models of nail guns have a release trigger which helps to remove nail jam quickly. It’s essential to locate it to remove the stuck nail as early as possible.

Check the releasing lever opening the nail gun barrel. Make sure you have removed all the un-fired fasteners.

If the release lever is not present, it must remove the stuck nails with one of the two items: Another Nail or Nose Pliers.

Step 3 – Select a Specific Tool

In this step, decide which tool you are going to use. There are many popular tools, and you have to pick one or two from them. There are different nails too. But removing every jammed fastener is quite similar.

You may clear it with your fingers, but better to use long-nose pliers otherwise your nail may bent, stuck or obstructed. You can also use a screwdriver.

Step 4 – Dislodge the Stuck Nail

Its off-kilter location should be evident. To dislodge the stuck nail, use a nail end, a couple of pliers, or the claw end part of a hammer. It is a lengthy process, so be careful and hold it until you unload the jam.

Remove all other clots, even though they appear to have been loaded correctly after the clammed nail has been removed. Observe the nose portion whether it damaged or not. If the weapon itself is damaged visibly, you may need professional assistance.

Step 5 – Check the Firing

After removing all the jammed nails properly, we move into this last step. At first, eliminate all the remaining pins. Now refilled the nail gun properly.

While doing it, concern that all the nail is facing in one direction. Close up the nail gun barrel and restore the power source. Stay wary of making sure that there are no jams when attempting the first nail gun.

Without the possibility of jams or other injuries, the nail weapons should fire. If the nail gun doesn’t work, reinspect the power source to ensure the power is restored to the machine correctly.

How to Avoid Nail Gun Jamming

According to the experts, the following things will help you avoid this unwanted situation.

1. Clean the Feed System Regularly

To fix it, first remove the nails from the magazine and clear any debris from the gun. Make sure to clean the nail gun after every job. If not, it can jam and damage your tool.

2. Add Oil at Regular Basis

Never forget to add a few drops of air tool oil before using your nail gun. The oil can need to be added again during the entire day if the nail gun is used all day long.

3. Ensure Proper Power Source

The nail gun is an effective tool for construction. However, if you want to use it on site and ensure the uninterrupted power supply, you can install a battery powered nail gun in your car. Check the hose before every use.

4. Check all Bolts Before Use

All bolts should be tracked and tightened monthly. Because of the vibration and heavy usage, the nail gun’s bolts and screws can get loose. Losing components may threaten the integrity of the tool.

5. Check Battery Regularly

Every couple of months, the battery needs to be tested. Battery inspections of cordless nail guns should be carried out regularly, particularly if the nail weapon is not as charged as the usual one.

6. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning may avoid the damage to or blockage of the nail gun by dust, debris, and other material. Wipe the tool cleanly and gently after each use.

Safety Precautions During Unjam a Nail Gun

Remove all power sources, such as the battery and fuel cell, before resolving any issue with your nail gun. It is safe for you to extract the nail jam now that your tool is inoperative.

Besides, to ensure more safety, the user must wear safety goggles to protect the eyes from the deflection of the flying nails. Heavy-duty gloves to protect hand injury.

Always point the jammed nail gun from the face and body to minimize the risk of damage.

Final Words

To solve this problem, the new nail gun repair tools makes fixing common issues with your nail gun faster and easier than ever before. Get step-by-step article instructions for clearing jams, adjusting trigger settings, troubleshooting misfires, and more.

Hope, you have got a brief idea about why a nail gun not shooting and how to unjam a nail gun. Now, you can unjam your nail gun and start working once again. Remember to follow the five-step that we have discussed above if you face a nail jam again.