Finish Nailer VS Framing Nailer: Which One Is Right For You

Wanted to consider the best tool for your projects from Finish nailer vs Framing nailer?

You are coming to the right place. If you want to choose any of them to nail guns, you need to easily make an idea from both these nail guns and compare them properly.

This article provides you with pros, cons, and detailed information as well as a chart so you can hassle-free compare each nail gun.

So, stay connected to get the complete article and compare each of the products without looking further on the internet for other information.

Framing Nailer Vs Finish Nailer

Finish Nail Gun

Finish nail guns are widely useable tools on the market.

The majority of the users use Finish nail guns for carpenters and other areas without getting any problems.

Moreover, a finish nail gun is sometimes used for staple projects because of proper work.

Finish nail guns are used for DIY projects. You can also apply the finish nail gun to the hardwood floor.

There are plenty of areas you will use the finish nail gun. However, the finish nail guns provide you with some pros and cons, which I describe in the following section.

Pros and Cons of Finish Nail Gun


  • It quickly works than hammer and nails
  • Finish nail guns come with a small diameter system to properly work
  • The idea for using baseboard, hardwood floor, and other areas to use
  • Easy to portable one place to next place


  • It comes with holding power lacking disadvantages

What Is a Framing Nail Gun?

Typically, a framing nail gun comes with heavy-duty construction.

This type of nail gun comes with 8 to 12 gauge; sometime, you will find 18-gauge performance.

However, you can make a frame using the framing nail gun. There are plenty of areas where you can use the framing nail gun.

Different types of nail size framing nail guns are available on the market, and you can easily use them for multiple projects.

So, check out that you are using the right size nail for your framing nail gun.

Pros and Cons of Framing Nail Gun


  • Quick and fast working capability
  • You can choose multiple sizes to put nails on the frame
  • User-friendly and save your working time
  • You will get three nail options


  • It is hard enough to control for a beginner user

Finish Nailer VS Framing Nailer: What’s The Difference

I hope that you may get a clear concept about these two finish nail guns. If you think that you need further information to compare each other, you can check out the following chart.

The following table helps you to understand which nail gun is a good option for you clearly.

Finish Nail GunFraming Nail Gun
Finish nail gun used for finish types of projectsFraming nail gun used for framing projects
Comes with high power 14 to 18 gauge systemIt comes with 8 to 12 gauge system but you can also choose 18-gauge nail
Easy to portable because of lighter than framing nail gunIt is little bit hard enough to portable because of heavy-duty construction
It comes with multiple nail sizesYou will discover only three nail sizes

Can You Use 18-Gauge Nails for Framing?

The official answer is yes. You can use an 18-gauge nail for framing. But, it would help if you also kept in mind that the framing materials should come hard enough. 

For example, if you are using an 18-gauge nail gun for soft framing, your framing material may break down.

So, you need to check that you are using the right features and hard materials for framing projects. 

Note it is also hard enough to control an 18-gauge nail for framing for a beginner handyman. I hope that you can understand whatever I said to you.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can a finish nailer be used for framing?

Answer: The straightforward answer is yes. You can use a finished nail gun for framing projects.

Before using your finished nail gun for framing, you should apply the right size nail and also properly set the nail gun to operate safely.

Q: Can you use a finish nailer for studs?

Answer: The 16-gauge finish nail gun helps you for studs. Moreover, you need to use 3/4″ boards because of several reasons.

I strongly believe that this permanent size helps you properly study your finish nail gun.

Q: What do you use a finish nailer for?

Answer: You can use a finish nail gun for your finish nail projects. On the other hand, you can also use the tool for trim and carpenter projects without facing any kinds of problems.

There are lots of benefits you will discover from a nail gun to use for finishing the nailer.

Final Words

Finish nail gun and framing nail gun are two popular tools on the market as well as among the handyman. You can also use any of them for your projects. 

To choose the right tool from these two nail guns, you need to compare each other properly.

So, you can check out the whole article above to get a clear concept and compare these two tools.