Can You Use Siding Nails In A Roofing Nailer?

Siding nail guns are popular on siding projects. Similarly, the roofing nail gun is used for roofing.

But what happens when you have a siding nail gun and want to complete roofing projects? I know your condition looks like this. So, can you use siding nails in a roofing nailer?

Though maximum siding nail guns are not ready to provide you best performance to use on roofing projects, some of the nail guns provide you solid performance in roofing nailer projects.

The straightforward answer depends on nail gun size and other features.

Are you confused about getting this answer? If your answer is yes, you can keep reading to get further information about this matter. So, let’s get started.

Use Siding Nails In A Roofing Nailer

Can You Use Siding Nails In A Roofing Nailer?

It is advised for you that you should not use a nail gun (siding nail gun) in a roofing nailer because of several reasons. 

However, if you think you don’t have enough options to use a roofing nail gun for roofing projects, you can check out the following requirement before starting to use a siding nail in a roofing nailer.

-Check out the size of the siding nail gun is perfectly designed for roofing nail gun

-You should also check out that the power system is properly working

-Of course, the nail loading and unloading system properly work

-After using the nail gun on roofing nails, you may not face any safety problems

If you think that these points are included on the nail gun, you can use the nail gun without thinking anymore. 

Moreover, you can also check out the guidelines, which you get with your nail gun. I hope that you can understand whatever I said to you about this matter.

How to Use Siding Nails in Roofing Nailers?

If you think you must use a siding nail gun in roofing nailers, you need to complete a simple method, which I describe in the following section step by step. So, follow the below process and clear your confusion.

Step 1:

In this step, you need to open the feeder door and then open your magazine door. You can use a simple tool to open these things.

Step 2:

Now, it is time to check out the rubber bands that attach to the nail coils, which you need to remove before starting the nail gun.

Step 3:

After that, you need to put the coil downward. It is easy to do, and you never need to worry about this matter using other tools.

Step 4:

It would help if you used the nail in the right position. I hope that you can easily position the nail on your projects. I hope that you may understand whatever I said to you.

Step 5:

Close the door of the feeder and nail so that you can safely use the nail gun for your next projects.

Siding Nailer VS Roofing Nailer

There are plenty of differences found between these two nail guns. You can check out the following table so that you can get a clear concept of these two nail guns.

After checking the chart, if you find any problems, you let me know in the following comment box.

Siding Nail GunRoofing Nail Gun
The head of this nail gun is small enoughThe head of this nail gun is large enough
It is less expensive toolIt is an expensive tool to buy
You can’t use siding nail gun on roofing nail sectionYou can use roofing nail gun on siding nail section
Easy to use and controlIt is hard enough to control for a beginner person

Some Tips & Tricks to Use Siding Nailer in Roofing Nailer

  • Wear safety elements like a hat, hand gloves, eyeglass, and others
  • Check out that you load the magazine properly
  • Use oil regularly; otherwise; it may jam
  • Maintain proper distance when you are using a siding nail gun on the roofing nailer

You can also maintain the safety guides which you get from a nail gun that you have.

If you are confused about using a siding nail gun in a roofing nail gun, let me know without thinking anymore.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can you use Dewalt roofing nailer for siding?

Answer: DEWALT is a popular brand on the market and provides lots of models. If you have a DEWALT roofing nailer and want to use it for siding.

You should check out the size and other features and also check out the above article to get a clear concept.

Q: How can you tell the difference between a roofer nailer and a siding nailer?

Answer: You will discover some major signs from roofer nailer and siding nailer. The core difference you will discover is head size.

The roofing nail gun head size is larger than the siding nail gun. You can also check out the above table to get more information about this matter.

Q: How do you use a roofing nailer for siding?

Answer: You need to load the magazine and remove the rubber coil before using the roofing nailer for siding.

Most importantly, you should check out the features, size, and other factors so that you can decide whether to use the roofing nailer for siding or not.

Q: Can I use siding nails in a framing nailer?

Answer: The siding nails are less suitable for framing nailers. It is important to know that siding nail guns produce enough power for siding projects and that the power is not enough for framing nailers.

Final Words

Are you still found yourself puzzled about using a siding nail gun in a roofing project? I think the above article clears your confusion, and you get in the right direction.

Actually, the use of a siding nail gun on roofing nail projects depends on tool size, magazine, features, and other areas.

So, before using the siding nail gun on roofing projects, you should check out the above checklist.