How To Load A Bostitch Finish Nailer?

Loading a Bostitch nail gun can be frustrating, because it often jams. We all know that loading a Bostitch nail gun is important for its proper and safe use, but sometimes it’s just not easy to load one of these guns. It takes time and patience to load the nails properly. This article will show you how to load your Bostitch nail gun in just 7 steps. Follow this guide and you’ll be able to easily reload your own nail gun with no problems.

Bostitch Nail Gun

The Bostitch nail gun is one of the most important tools in any home improvement or construction project. It’s safe, fast and efficient. With a Stanley Bostitch power tool you’ll be able to tackle even your toughest projects with ease.

The Bostitch nail gun is a great tool for any DIY project. It can drive nails through almost every material, and it’s easy to maintain.

What is Nail Gun Loading?

Did you know that you’re supposed to load nails into a nail gun before using it? That way, the nails will be there when you need them.

Some of my family members are into woodworking and they’ve told me that the best way to load a nail gun is to use your hands.

Loading nails in an empty nail gun is nail gun loading. It’s a common task for any woodworker to reload their nail gun regularly.

Loading nailer is very easy to be done. After loading, you have to simply place the magazine into the gun.

How to Load a Bostitch Finish Nailer

Step 1. Unplug the nail gun from its source of power. Now follow the following seven simple steps to load a Bostitch straight finish nailer,

Step 2. Turn the nail gun over on its side.

Step 3. Slide the lock upward.

Step 4. While holding the slide latch raised, move the slide away from the nail gun.

Step 5. Take note of the arrows on the slide. It indicates the direction. 

Step 6. The nails must point to the nail gun’s bottom and the side indicated by the arrows.

Step 7. To finish loading, remove the slide and drive it toward the nail gun before you hear a sound.

Different Nail Gun Loading

I’ve got a handful of different nail guns. They all have their own specialties, but they load the same way. I will demonstrate how to use three different types and show you that loading them is pretty easy with just one hand.

Framing Nailer Loading

When it comes to framing nails, the most important models are nail guns. They can be a little tricky at first but with just a few pointers you’ll have them down in no time.

I’ll start by loading an appropriately sized nail into the gun and then insert one of these long metal strips called “nails.”

They all have a spring fastening device that holds the nails in place in the track assembly.Okay, so first step is to remove the spring assembly or slide it back and lock it in open position.

How to load a nail gun?
How to load a nail gun?

It should slide back and latch. Once it’s sliding back and latch the nails load in through a slot on the top of the rack assembly.

How to load a nail gun?
How to load a nail gun?

Just by simply dropping the nails into place and then just releasing the latch mechanism that slides down and holds the nails in the rack.

How to load a nail gun?
How to load a nail gun?

It’s done by pushing release button that slides them down and loads them in the rack that’s how you load a framing gun. 

Finish Nailer Loading

The finish gun is done primarily the same way I want to remove release the latch assembly.

How to load a nail gun?
How to load a nail gun?

Then load the nails into the top of the slot, the rack assembly that holds the nails and we just want to slide the nails into that assembly.

How to load a nail gun?
How to load a nail gun?

 and release the latching mechanism that’s how you load a nail gun.

How to load a nail gun?
How to load a nail gun?

Brad Nailer Loading

Brad nails aren’t the same as regular nails. It is a specialized nailer. That’s why handle them with caution when loading them into a nail gun. Six simple steps you should follow if you are a Brad Nailer Kit user.

Ensure that the nail gun is switched off. To test this, disconnect the nail gun from the electrical power. It is essentially a precautionary measure.

Invert your nail gun to make it more user-friendly. You should be able to see the slide latch at the base of the nail gun from this vantage point.

How to load a brad nail gun?
How to load a brad nail gun?

Pull the slide out from under the nail gun by lifting the slide latch. When doing so, keep the slide latch raised.

How to load a brad nail gun?
How to load a brad nail gun?

On the slide, you’ll find arrows pointing in a specific direction. Point the nails in that direction. Next we need to place our nails into our magazine, you’ll notice that there are several groves.

You need to make sure that the nail head is sitting in those groves. It’ll slide along in the grove, but it won’t be able to jump outside of that grove. To avoid jamming, make sure that all the pins in your nail clip face the same way.

How to load a brad nail gun?
How to load a brad nail gun?

Push the slide back into the nail gun till you feel it click into place after you’ve loaded it.

How to load a brad nail gun?
How to load a brad nail gun?

Switch it on and check it out on some pieces of wood.

How do you unload a Bostitch nail gun?

When you release the trigger on a nail gun, all of its fasteners are released into the air. That’s why it is crucial to unload any unused nails before taking your tool out of service for storage or cleaning.

To do this, pull back and press down on push-bar bypass button then allow pusher to ride over remaining nails while holding upright so that they slide backwards towards magazine slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my nail gun not shoot nails?

The problem of a jamming nail gun is common. Most owners of framing nailers or nail guns suffer from it. If your nail gun isn’t firing nails, the most probable cause is that the instrument has jammed. Your nail gun may not be working correctly for several reasons. A nail jam prevents the nails from moving forward.

In the gas fuel cell, it is either empty, obsolete or not correctly fixed. It’s time to polish the nailer. The nose air cylinders have a lot of oil to contend with. And the issue is almost always caused by a lack of oil.

Bottom Line

There are many brands and models of nail guns on the market, and we’ve tried out a few for you. Each of these nail guns’ loading mechanisms has followed a consistent pattern.

We recommend you consider the Bostitch framing nailer if you’re in the market for a new nail gun. It does an amazing job driving nails into wood, and it’s comfortable to hold as well.