Can Brad Nailer Use Staples?

Brad nailer and staples are working in a similar way. Though they work in similar ways, there are some differences you will find from them.

Brad nailer is an alternative to staples. Is it okay for you to use a brad nail tool for your staples projects?

Or, can brad nailer use staples? The official answer is yes; you can use brad nailer as an alternative to staples without getting any problems.

But, you may face some minor problems when you are working with a brad nailer for your staples projects. For this reason, you can check out the following section to get a clear concept.

Can Brad Nailer Use Staples

Can Brad Nailer Use Staples?

A Brad Nailer is a small, hand-held tool that shoots thin nails. It is designed to be used with 18-gauge brad nails, which are smaller than traditional nails.

A Brad Nailer can also use staples, but it is not recommended. Staples are thicker than brad nails and can damage the tool.

There is a common misconception that brad nailers can use staples. This is not the case. Although they may look similar, the two types of fasteners have different purposes.

Staples are designed to join multiple pieces of material together, while brads are meant to attach a single piece to another surface. If you try to use a staple in a brad nailer, you will likely damage the tool and/or the fastener.

There are a few reasons why you may not want to use a brad nailer as a staple gun. The most obvious reason is that the two tools have different purposes.

A brad nailer is designed to drive nails into wood, while a staple gun is designed to drive staples into paper or other materials.

Another reason you may not want to use a brad nailer as a staple gun is because the two tools have different firing mechanisms. A brad nailer uses air pressure to fire nails, while a staple gun uses electricity or combustion to fire staples.

Finally, using the wrong tool for the job can be dangerous. If you try to drive staples with a brad nailer, you run the risk of jamming the tool and causing serious injury.

In general, a brad nailer is not as effective as a staple gun for fastening materials together. A staple gun has a wider surface area that makes it better at penetrating and holding materials in place.

Additionally, staples are easier to find than brads, so if you’re working on a project and run out of nails, you can usually find a replacement staple without too much trouble.

Staplers VS Brad Nailer

There are plenty of differences you will discover between brad nailer and staples. I would love to suggest you check out the following points to make a difference and also make the right choice to use brad or staples in your projects.


First and foremost, you will face the design difference between nailers and staples. The staples come with a two-prong object, and the nail comes with a single-prong object. Moreover, the outside design of these two things is small and medium and also finds some size changes.


If you judge their security, you will get strong security from staples. Moreover, the brad nailer is also secure but doesn’t provide higher security than staples. So, you can choose staples to get more security from the tool.

Working Process

These two tools come with similar working processes. The dedication staples tool is unsuitable for nail projects because of only works for staples. Moreover, you can also use a nailer gun for staples projects without getting any bugs.

Can You Use Staples in a PORTER CABLE Brad Nailer?

The official answer is no. Because of functionality and designs, you can’t use the staples in a PORTER CABLE brad nailer.

The PORTER-CABLE brad nail tool comes with a dedicated design which is only worked for a brad nailer.

If you think that you have a PORTER-CABLE and want to use staples projects, you should contact with manufacturer so that you can get a clear concept about the tool and use the brad nailer for your staples projects. I hope that you can understand whatever I said to you.

Thickness of Work

Both brad nails and staples are available in different lengths with 18-gauge from ½-inches. The maximum size of these two tools is 3-inches.

You can get the same process to install the tool and also use the tool for your projects with a similar process working.

Can You Use 18 Gauge Nails in a 16-Gauge Nailer?

The 18-gauge nailer is bigger than the 16-gauge. Sometimes the 18-gauge helps the users to use 16-gauge projects.

Moreover, you can also use an 18-gauge nail gun for your heavy-duty projects, which is operated by 16-gauge power.

But, it is not a good option for you to use an 18-gauge nail gun for 16-gauge projects because of control, size, power, and design problems.

So, it would be better for you to use an 18-gauge nail gun for 18-gauge projects and a 16-gauge nail gun for the 16-gauge projects.

Types of Brad Nailers

Though you will get different types of brad nails, two major brad nail guns are popular on the market. For example, pneumatic and electric.

You can choose any of them for your projects. These two brad nail guns are far better for most nail projects.

I am using an electric brad nail gun because of getting high power and other advantages.

The electric power brad nail is a perfect selection for those who want to avoid oil, fuel, and other elements that spend lots of money. I hope that you can understand whatever I said to you.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can you use staples in a Ryobi Brad nailer?

Answer: The staples come with a minimum of 105 staples which is enough for working. But, a Ryobi brad nail gun comes with 1000 staples which are truly big enough. When you are using Ryobi brad nailer, you can easily staple your projects continuously.

Q: Can Ridgid Brad nailer use staples?

Answer: This type of brad nail comes with lightweight and compact shapes, which help you to be hassle-free, portable and carry in the critical path.

Moreover, Ridgid brad nailer uses 15 to 18 gauge, which also helps you to use it hassle-free for multiple areas.

Q: Can you put crown staples in a brad nailer?

Answer: The official answer is yes, you can put crown staples in a brad nailer. But, you should check out the size of the staple properly before loading the magazine.

On the other hand, you should also check out the user manual to see whether the brad nailer accepted the crown staples or not.

Q: Can a staple gun shoot nails?

Answer: Yes, a staple gun shoots nail nearly 400 staples, and you can easily accept a minimum of 400 staples. Moreover, you can also use the staple gun shoot nail for your nail projects. I hope that you may get your question answered from this section.

Is It Clear to You? Can brad nailer use staples? I hope that you may get a clear and informative answer for you. Moreover, staples and nail guns are popular and widely used.

These two tools look similar, and you can easily use the tools as an alternative to each other. Are you still confused about this matter? You let me know in the following comment box.