How To Clean A Tool Belt? (Simple Ways)

A tool belt carries various types of tools for a long time. As a result, the dust, paint, oil, and many other substances spoil the bags.

Your long-time use makes your belt dirty and stained. Besides, the daily sun and rain spoil its color. You need to know how to clean a tool belt.

Most people do not recognize that their tool belt is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Proper cleaning can extend its lifetime and make it more secure for the tools.

Most of the tool belts are of nylon, leather, or mixed fabrics. The cleaning methods are also different for them.

We have researched about them and present some fundamental and beneficiary guidelines which you can follow easily.

How to clean a tool belt

How to Clean a Tool Belt?

To clean your tool belt, put it in a tub of warm water with some dish soap and rub any dirty spots gently.

Let the tool belt soak for at least an hour before rinsing it off with fresh water.

This article focused on the two types of tool belt cleaning. One is leather type, and another is nylon type.

How Do I Clean A Leather Tool Belt?

There are two ways to clean leather tool belt. It’s important to keep it in good condition so that you can use it for a long time, as the leather will stretch out if not properly cared for.

1. Wash a Leather Tool Belt with Soap and Water 

Leather is more durable than the other fabrics, and it is lasting for a long time. Leather is not very shiny but does not lose its gleaming look easily.

You can not wash leather in a washing machine, but you can wash it with your hand. You need:

  • Mild Soap
  • A soft bristle brush
  • A damp cloth
  • Lanolin or an all-purpose oil or natural oil

2. Clean a Leather Tool Belt With Alcohol and Vaseline

Cleaning a leather tool belt by rubbing alcohol and Vaseline will increase its shiny looks and soften the material. All You need are some rubbing alcohol and Vaseline for it.

Step 1) Apply rubbing alcohol several times on your belt

Take some rubbing alcohol on a small cotton ball or tissue and rub it throughout the belt. Swab the leather belt, bags, and pockets.

Apply several coats that the leather will soak the alcohol deeply. 

This thin soaking will clean the surface gradually, and the pores of leather will open. Let it dry completely. 

Step 2) Rub some Vaseline and wipe the belt perfectly

Now take some Vaseline on the tip of your finger and apply it to the whole belt.

Rub it well to every portion of the leather surface. You will see a wet appearance on your belt.

Finish the cleaning task by wiping out the Vaseline from the belt.

Vaseline catches dust easily, so check if there any small amount of Vaseline left out.

Dry it well. Here is your old tool carrier with a new refreshing look.

How To Wash Nylon and other Fabrics Tool Belt?

Nylon and poly-cotton belts are washable like clothes. These materials absorb more dust and oil but easy to wash.

They are less durable, but a proper cleaning will extend their life. To clean these types of tool carrier, you need :

  • A soft bristle
  • Mild Soap
  • Stain Remover (if needed)
  • Lukewarm water

Step 1) Empty the bags and remove the dust

At first, empty your belt bags and clean the dust. Use a soft brush to remove dust properly.

Clean the inside, the buckles, and their grease underneath. It is a dry cleaning process.

Step 2) Remove stains by fabric stain remover

Apply fabric stain remover if there is any stain and wait an hour. Rub and brush the belt and bags lightly.

Do not rub harshly by using any rough brush. It will spoil the fabric.

Step 3) Wash the bags thoroughly with lukewarm water

Now the washing time. Wash your belt in the washing machine by using lukewarm water and mild soap. Because cold water can not appropriately clean the stains. Instead of a washing machine, you can wash the belt with your hand.

And I always appreciated a hand wash process because it is safe, and there is less chance of getting torn or harms to the bags.

Let the belt hung for air dry. See, your tool carrier is shining like a new one.

Things you Should Maintain to Wash your Tool Belt

During cleaning your belt, follow some rules for better cleaning tasks. These will be helpful for your belt service.

-Empty the bags before any cleaning.

-Always use a soft bristle to rub and clean the belt. Hard brushing will spoil the thread and pores of the belt quickly.

-Use a mild soap for cleaning. Prefer the non-toxic cleaner for better result.

-Do not wash your belt on a rainy day or a humid day.

-Do not wash the belt in the water for a long time.

-Always dry the belt perfectly after washing. Do not let any water on it.


What are the belt sizes?

The tool belts are generally either small or medium. 

How do I clean my pouches?

We recommend you use a mild soap and warm water, then wring the pouches out and allow them to air dry. To prevent staining, avoid bleach or cleaning products with strong chemicals.

Final Words

This article about how to clean a tool belt will help you clean your belt perfectly. If you ask any professional about belt washing, I hope the answer will be the same as this article.

Don’t worry. These procedures will clean your tools carrier nicely and enrich its lifetime.