How To Wear A Tool Belt? (4 Easy Steps)

Are you a new tool belt user or feeling uncomfortable with your tool belt for some days?

You can put on your tool belt on the side, front, or back of your body. If you feel uncomfortable, there must be any fault of your using the best, which you should correct.

Let us help you present the correct and effective way to wear a tool belt. It would help if you learned about how to wear a tool belt properly.

How To Wear a Tool Belt

How to Wear a Tool Belt Properly?

I think a child can also give you the answer that just put on the belt around your waist. But you should know the genuine way to wear a tool belt for its optimum use. Follow the direction below:

Step 1) Have a Check of the Belt Before Wear

Yes, it is essential to examine the belt before use. Most of the tool belts are made of leather.

Check the leather that if there is any torn issue or damage problem. Check the buckles, hook, pockets, and pouches that if there any rust or hole.

Repair the damages and fix the connectors of the tools. You have to carry a lot of tools, and some are maybe weighty.

So your tool belt should perfect and less of flaws.

How To Wear a Tool Belt

Step 2 – Organize the Tools According to the Importance

Organize your kits in the best optimum way. Consider your left hand or right-hand habit during the organization of the implements.

Always set the main pocket on your foremost side. If you are a right-handed person, keep your major tools on your right side.

Or, if you are a left-handed person, set the main pockets on the left. The buckle should place on the opposite of the main working hand.

Order the tools according to the priorities. Put the frequently used tools on the preliminary side. The less-used can be put on the other side.

There are tape measure, chalk, pencil, utility knife, etc., on the primary pockets of carpenter tool belts. You have hooks and locks to put the heavy tools like hammer, drill, circular saw as well.

Place the framing tools and hand tools on the secondary side.

An automotive mechanics tool belt has the ball-peen hammer, Philips screwdriver, and hacksaw on the most needed parts.

It would be different for every person’s works style. People has their style of working. So, set all the tools you need. Never carry extra equipment.

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Step 3 – Balance the Bags for the Privilege of Work

When you keep your tools in the belt, pouches, and hooks, make a proper balance.

For two-sided bags, distribute the tools evenly to the weight.

Tool belts are worn for a long time, and the uneven weight can cause pain on your back, shoulder, or waist.

A framers tool belt requires a lot of tools. Distribute the tools as they balance perfectly.

You can use small front pockets to store nails and tiny parts. But these pockets should have a lid or straps to close them. Otherwise, the tools can fall from the front pockets when you bow frontwards.

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Step 4 – Wear the Belt and Lock it Well

Now your belt is ready to use. Wear it as same as your regular belt. Place it around your waist.

Tighten up the buckle fit but not so suffocating. Because too much tight or loose belt can make uncomfortable feeling during work.

Make sure that the handles, pouches are staying outside the belt.

It’s done. Your tool belt is around your waist. If you feel heavy, then you need suspenders.

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How to Wear a Tool Belt with Suspenders?

When you have to work with a load of tools or climb on the high, then suspenders is a must for you.

It is another helping hand that assists in spreading the weight of the implements evenly throughout your body.

Carrying the heavyweight for a long time on your waist can cause back pain, stain, or discomfort on your body.

It will be a wise step if you add suspenders with your tool belt. Let’s learn how to wear a tool belt with suspenders.

Step 1) Put on the Tool Belt Securely

At first, wear your regular tool belt as usual and secure its fittings.

It is necessary to put on the belt perfectly on the body. If you do not tighten the belt, you may feel uncomfortable with the suspenders.

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Step 2) Connect the Suspenders with the Belt

Attach the suspenders with the back hook of the tool belt. Use four hooks (two for front and two for back) with the belt to attach the suspenders. Make sure the hooks are in an even position.

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Step 3) Set the Suspenders from the Back to the Chest

Now take the suspenders, hook the belts on the back and connect them with the front hooks.

Tighten the chest line. The back should be cross-linked, and the chest strap also leveled. Fasten the harness at the front of the pant or trousers.

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Check that the hooks are all equal distance; otherwise, the suspenders won’t fit. One tip, if your fingers reach at the end of the belt pouches, your tool belt and suspenders are at the proper position.

At last, Check the chest strap enough fasten that you feel more secure with all of your tools. Now you can work with less labor of carrying tools.


Do I Wear a Tool Belt Front or Back?

Some people wear their tool belt at the back or front of their waist. They say that it is easy for them to take the tool from behind.

Some say they can easily complete the pointy task to bring their tackles from their front belt. I discourage people from putting on tool bags on the back or front.

Sometimes our tools can slip from hand during taking from tool belt pockets. If you use the belt pockets on the front, these tools can drop from your hand and cause an injury to your leg.

Moreover, if you fall frontwards, you may get seriously hurt on your chest, ribcage, or leg by the tools.

Because of the same cause of an accident, I suggest not to wear the tool belt back. If you accidentally fall from any height, all the tools will remain under your spine.

This back tool store will worsen your condition. Of course, you do not want to drop on your hammer and break your wristband.

Final Words

It is not a challenging task to wear a tool belt with suspenders or without suspenders. After practicing few times, you will be equipped with how to wear a tool belt.

Put on the belt in the proper position is good for the back and shoulder as well. You will perform your work flawlessly. Clean and store the bags for further use.