Hazards Of A Drill Press: 5 Drill Press Safety Rules

Do you function within an industry that makes use of a drill press on a daily basis? Featuring an automated recline with spur gearing, these power tools are developed to generate a consistently powerful drive.

Drill presses can be a great tool for fabricating parts or creating intricate patterns, but like any tool, they can also be risky if not used correctly.

Businesses of all kinds utilize drill presses on a daily basis. As a result of the strength of these tools, however, special safety measures must be taken for security.

Workers who are operating a drill press often don’t go near some of the hazards associated with it. This is my effort at passing along the dangers to those affected.

Drill Press Safety Rules

Most Common Hazards of a Drill Press

Drilling with a press is often considered a safer way to drill than using a hand drill. However, there are several hazards associated with drilling with a press that should be aware of.

Drilling with a press can be a dangerous activity if precautions are not taken. The most common hazards of drilling with a press involve:

-Injuries from the drill bit. Most injuries occur when the bit slips and cuts the user.

-Injuries from the press itself. Falls and collisions are common, especially when operators are working alone.

-Injuries from the fluid being injected into the ground. Drilling fluid, sand, and rock can all cause accidents if they are mishandled.

-Injuries from hot metal bits. When metal bits become hot, they can easily cause burns or other injuries.

-Risks of toxic gas exposure.

Dangers of Using Drill Press

When it comes to tools, there are sure to be pros and cons to every decision. For some, using a drill press is a necessary part of their trade; for others, the mere thought of using one can be enough to send chills down their spine. So what are the dangers of using a drill press?

There are several potential hazards when drilling with a power tool, and here we’ll take a look at just a few:

-Serious injury from flying debris

-Puncture wounds from metal bits travelling through the air at high speeds

-Hand fatigue from holding the drill for long periods of time

-And even eye injuries from flying chips and dust.

While these risks aren’t necessarily common, they’re definitely worth considering before taking your drill press for a spin.

How Do You Prevent Hazards of a Drill Press | How to Operate the Drill Press Properly

Securely Lock the Drill

Before you even begin the drill press, it is essential you do a check to ensure the chuck is correctly tightened onto the drill bit. If you forget to do this, you can improvised explosive device the drill bit, and it can decide to fly at high speeds.

Avoiding the Trip Hazards

Drill presses are often found in workshops located near a number of other tools. In these locations, you will most likely find various equipment ranging from corded drills, hammers, impact wrenches, etc.

To prevent injury, it’s crucial to be sure there are no cables around the drill press you’re about to use. Otherwise, you are at a risk of getting severely hurt.

Before You Make Adjustment, Completely Out off the Bit

Drill presses are likely to resemble firearms, so they need to be handled with considerable care.

Otherwise, you may wind up severely injuring yourself. As you have to make sure it’s unloaded before you adjust it, make sure you make sure to switch off the drill press before making any changes.

So, when you want to adjust the speed of the drill press or change the drill bit, make sure to turn of the drill press completely. That way, you can enjoy the reassuring fact that no harm will come to you.

Clamp Down Everything

When it comes to drilling the piece, it doesn’t necessarily matter what you’re drilling on.

If you do not clamp down the piece you’re drilling, the sheer power of the drill press will send it knocking around in the workshop injuring whomever happens to be in the way.

For that reason, take a minute to grab that trusty hand clamp and save yourself from a potentially disastrous situation.

Wearing Proper Equipment

By wearing safety equipment when using a power tool, you will safeguard against 99% of the accidents that may occur if you make a mistake and things take a turn for the worse.

In summary, these are the equipment I recommend people who use a drill press frequently

Safety glass: These safety glasses will guard against bits of dirt and debris in your eyes.

Work gloves: Work gloves will provide impact and abrasion resistance, and, when handling the drill press, they will help provide heavy grip.

Apron: A professional-level apron will protect your body and clothes, especially from the durable ones.

Final Words

Safety goes beyond what can be learned and read. Safety is a condition you develop by imbibing it, and learn by imbibing it so you are surrounded by people who learn it and live it. Safety is imperative!

Now that you know what to watch out for, how to prevent those hazards , use a drill press safely!