Can A Hammer Drill Use For Impact Wrench?

A hammer drill is an effective tool for hard materials such as concrete, rocks, and bricks. Hammer drill is a handy drill as opposed to the usual drill.

It’s able to be utilized for driving small size screws with the help of the adapter.

Both a hammer drill and an impact wrench are profession- and do-it-yourself-friendly power tools.

Such tools can operate independently, though their functions are dissimilar. However, can you utilize a hammer drill as a jackhammer?

Impact wrenches are not able to work with impact hammer drills even with a hammer drill with a low torque.

Impact hammer drill has 15 to 50 Nm torque and chuck requires more than 100 Nm torque.

So impact hammer drills cannot be used to produce as much torque as regular hammer drills.

Considering all the factors, let’s view, can a hammer drill be used for an impact wrench in depth.

Can A Hammer Drill Use For Impact Wrench

What is a Hammer Drill and Why is it Useful?

A hammer drill is a tool that is used for drilling into materials. It is often used to create holes in walls, floors, or ceilings.

Its main advantage is that it can be used with very little power. This makes it a good choice for projects where you need to make small holes, such as installing screws or nails.

Another advantage of a hammer drill is that it can be used in tight spaces. If you cannot use a power drill, you can use a hammer drill instead.

In addition, the tool has adjustable speed settings, so you can adjust the speed to match your project.

What is an Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench is a powerful tool used to tighten bolts and screws. Many homeowners use impact wrenches to perform tasks such as changing light bulbs and fixing small appliances. Impact wrenches are also used in the construction trades.

Impact wrenches are a popular tool for many home mechanics. They allow for quick and easy repairs on vehicles.

There are several basic steps for using an impact wrench, including identifying the appropriate tool for the job, determining how much torque to apply, and holding the tool against the bolt or nut while turning it.

Some impact wrenches can be converted to use hammers. This is useful for tasks that require more force than a standard wrench can provide, such as removing nails from wood.

Impact hammers are not as common as impact wrenches, but they are useful for certain applications.

Hammer Drill vs. Impact Wrench: Which one is Better for Specific Tasks?

You may be wondering what these two hand tools are, how they differ, and why they are powerful.

Impact wrenches are generally noted for their looks, but their pressurized torque is often measured in foot pounds.

Whereas, hammer drill utilizes a rotational movement to generate a stronger force like a sledgehammer striking the back of the drill to burrow deeper. All of these features make this power drill both powerful and heavy.

Difference Between Hammer Drill and Impact Wrench

FeaturesHammer DrillImpact wrench
LookSmall and sturdy, but very powerfulNot only powerful but also heavy
Torque15 Nm- 50 Nm400 Nm-600 Nm
Tool HeadChuck tool head is used. they can be key or keylessCollet tool heads is used/ they can be regular or pin detent
UsesDrill into tough materials like drills, bricks, masonryUsed to Tighten or loosen bolts and nuts

Can A Hammer Drill Used For Impact Wrench?

It depends on the design of the hammer drill tool. Traditional hammer drills are suitable for driving screws, but one problem with these drills is the absence of a driver mode. However, modern cordless hammer drills offer a multiple mode that you can choose from and drive screws.

How To Use A Hammer Drill for An Impact Wrench?

To use a hammer drill for an impact wrench below steps can be followed:

Step-1) Make sure you wear your safety glasses and protective gear first,

Step-2) Then tighten the drill’s screws. Make sure the power switch is turned off, and know where the mode and power switch are as well.

Step-3) Plug it into an outlet once the outlet is switched off. Turn the drill driver to the on button when it’s in socket mode.

Step-4) Then turn the driver it’s away from you and your power tool to on. At this time you can tighten the nut and crosshead bolts using your hammer drill.

Step-5) Afterward, flip the switchover.

Final Words

So in conclusion, can a hammer drill be used for an impact wrench?

Impact drivers are great for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts because they are specifically designed for that purpose.

However, an impact driver can be expensive and may not be a worthwhile investment if you don’t frequently use it, especially when using it at home.

A hammer drill is not an advisable choice among alternatives when it comes to tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. It’s possible to go for cheaper alternatives, quieter, and more cost-efficient versions.