Can A Hammer Drill Be Used As A Chisel? (3 Easy Steps)

A regular hammer drill cannot be employed as a chisel given its bit is moving with the chuck.

To utilize a chisel in a hammer drill, you will need piston-based hammering system tools, such as an electric demolition hammer, rotary drill, SDS plus, or SDS max.

The hammer function has let us see the benefits of can a drill be used as a chisel or not.

Let us now consider a few different fields. Let’s see how we can use a chisel in such an instrument as a hammer drill.

Can A Hammer Drill Be Used As A Chisel

Hammer Drill & Chisel

A hammer drill is a tool that is used to create holes in materials. It is powered by a motor and has a bit that is fitted into the drill. The bit rotates and hits the material, creating a hole.

This is used for various purposes, such as installing screws, driving nails, and making holes in materials.

Chisel is rather like a bit, but plays a significantly different role than a normal bit. Generally used in both procedures for drilling minerals and for machining materials.

Types of Chisel

There are several types of chisels suitable for different purposes. Those are :

The Pointed Chisel

The tip chisel is the one with the highest isolation force because it has a pointed tip used to direct the full striking force of the tool to a small point.

The Flat Chisel

The diameter of the flat tip directly corresponds to the length of the bottom of the shaft. Flat chisel fractures can be used to create straight lines when drilling and breaking metal. One example is the ability to attach cables to the wall using a steel line.

The Spade Chisel

The spade shovel has a wider head. This raised diameter extends to the edges of the shaft and is used to transmit energy over a larger area.

The Tile Chisel

The tile chisel has a flatter cutting edge. The offset tip here is less physically taxing and helps the hammer drill work more effectively, says the reason for this chisel blade is not normally necessary to have a sharp go-to-floor edge, so it’s easier work with it for a longer period of time.

The Channel Chisel

Like a flat chisel it is a helpful tool for creating ventilation ducts for electrical wiring or plumbing.

The chisel is used is non-uniform with channels that flare to the sides. This minimizes the risk of injury in the event of the tool breaking and also eliminates the granules that are easily loosened.

Different Sizes of Chisel

When looking at the chisels on the market, you will see that the chisel type and the product raw material have a standardized size.

Point Chisel9 Inch (230mm)
Flat Chisel0.82 X 9 inch (20.8 X 230mm)
Cranked Chisel1.58 X 9.84 inch (40 X 250mm)3 X 10 inch (75x250mm)
Scaling Chisel 3 X 12 inch
Spade Chisel5-1/2 inch wide and rounded end 17-1/2 inch

How Can A Hammer Drill Be Used As A Chisel?

The hammer drill can be used as a chisel when drilling holes in hard objects. This simple steps can be followed:

Step 1) Choosing the right chisel and drill machine for the work. Then,

Step 2) Attach the chisel bit to the hammer drill. It must place it at a 45-degree angle to the edge of the tile or a suitable place to chipping.

You can activate the drill during hammer mode. After that,

Step 3) Turn around the handle and raise the switch from the bottom to the top when not in use, so as to prevent damaging yourself.

Which Type of Hammer Drill Can We Use as Chisel?

The chisel can be used in below hammers:

  • Electric demolition hammer
  • SDS drills
  • Rotary drill

Not all drills are sufficient to incisively chisel stone. The spinning hammer drill has a high impact force for accessory purposes, such as fracturing concrete.

An electric demolition hammer cannot be used to drill a material because there is no bit rotation. Allows concrete to crack, break, and chisel.

Consider this Before Using a Hammer Drill as a Chisel

-Select the suitable chisel for the job, based upon the need.

-To place cables or pipes over a wall or drill holes in concrete, you must start with a small size to create a pathway.

-Eliminating debris from the cut surface can improve the performance and extend the life of the process.

-Removing debris from the work surface helps to prolong the life of the drill and reduce friction.

-Precise control of the switch is crucial for the operation of the hammer drill.

Safety Precaution for Using a Hammer Drill as Chisel

A hammer drill can be used as a chisel if the user is careful and understands the risks involved.

First, it is important to know that a hammer drill is not a power tool, so it should not be used to drive holes in hard materials.

Second, always use caution when using the drill because it can cause serious injury if misused.

Third, always wear safety gloves and eye protection when using the drill because bits can fly off and hit you in the face.

Finally, never use the drill on sharp edges or corners because these areas are particularly dangerous.

Final Words

As we come to the end of this article, it is important to reflect on the core, that is, before deciding upon whether you want to choose a chisel with hammer drill or not, you must understand all the pros and cons of it.