What Are Some Old Chainsaw Brands?

The history of chainsaw brands, and how they developed is an interesting topic. After the first developed at 1920, the motorized different types of chainsaw revolutionary replaces the traditional axe.

Chainsaws speed up the timber production with less time and labor that make it magnificent to the users and developers.

Human civilization largely depended on wood and chainsaw become a generation during the First World War.

In order to have a better understanding, we will look into the details about old chain saws like their features, manufacturer, history and future predictions for them.

old chainsaw brands

Best Old Chainsaw Brands

My father’s obsession with collecting old chainsaws got me started on the hobby. My dad has been collecting old chainsaws for years now.

He’s got over 10 motor and hand saws, including the most popular brands.

Here are some of the cool names you’ll find in our gallery and archive: Echo, Frontier Husqvarna, Homelite, Jonsered, McCulloch, Oregon, Poulan, Solo, Stihl, Dolmar.


Stihl Chainsaw

The Stihl is one of the most iconic in all of industry. The company was founded back in 1926 and has been a leading name ever since. Its USA office currently located out west at Virginia.

Origin & Headquarter

The German company Stihl is the leading world manufacturer of handheld power equipment.

Stihl is a German manufacturer of chainsaws and other related power equipment. Their headquarters are in Waiblingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, near Stuttgart.

The company was founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl, and initially produced gasoline-powered cutters for tree surgeons.

The first chainsaw was developed in the early 1930s, and the company soon became the world’s leading manufacturer of these machines.

In the postwar period, Stihl expanded its product range to include other types of power equipment, such as leaf blowers and hedge trimmers.

Today, the company has a global market share of around 30 percent in the Chainsaw market.

They are the pioneer in chainsaw production. They produce reliable and corrigible best electric and gas powered models based on consumer focus with their company expansion over times.


Today, Stihl is one of the world’s best-selling brand names for chain saws with its own proprietary technology to make guide bars as well as their very own cutting blades.

From their adroit handling to pertinent power features that minimize damage on your property, nothing can really save time or money like this brand does.

They produce chainsaws, trimmers and blowers for professional and commercial users across a wide variety of industries including forestry, agriculture and horticulture.

-Their products are popular to homeowners to professional loggers and construction workers tough cutting.


Husqvarna Chainsaw

The Husqvarna Group is an international company that manufactures quality outdoor power products such as chainsaws, trimmers, brush cutters and more.


Husqvarna has been manufacturing quality chain saws since 1959, and they have achieved global hegemony in this field over the last fifty years by producing diligent products that are innovative as well as reliable.

They began with chainsaws and have since expanded into other sectors of the industry as well.

Their dedication is so great that they are not just named for the Swedish town where it originated but also take pride in being able to produce quality products like diligent chainsaws originating there too.


Husqvarna’s chainsaws are faster and more powerful than any other chainsaws on the market.

These gas-powered, extra loud machines have a special x-torque technology that makes them not only fuel efficient but also an environmental blessing – lower emissions equals less pollution.

One of the popular Husqvarna chainsaw is Husqvarna 16″ Gas Powered Chainsaw.


Jonsered Chainsaw

In 1872 it became a limited company called Jonsered Fabriker AB and diversified its production of textiles along with woodworking machines by 1880s standards for export.


In early Victorian era Europe, there were many entrepreneurs from Britain or Northern Ireland looking towards expansion into other parts of what was then known as Western civilization; like India or China perhaps even Africa which is why Scotland has such an interesting business history when you consider ‘Jonserad’ (a combination of James & Edinburgh) – two places firmly rooted within Scottish.

William Gibson came from Scotland, but he moved to Sweden in his youth and founded a textile mill there.

He eventually passed the company on to his sons who never lost control of it until they sold their shares in 1920s when Jonsered Fabriker AB was diversified into woodworking machines as well as textiles.


Poulan Chainsaw

Poulan is a long-standing Swedish company that has continued to innovate and diversify over the years.


Originating as Poulan Saw Co., they have progressively expanded into chainsaws, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc. As you can see from their website, they are also considering expanding in other areas like generators or even solar panels.

If you’re looking for power chainsaw with an extended warranty while still being able to afford it – take your time browsing through some of the great Poulan chainsaw products from this fantastic brand before making your decision.

Since Poulan’s ownership group, the Swedish-based conglomerate known as ABP HUSQVARNA INC., also owns other brands like POULAN PRO, which are marketed in black and gold instead of traditional green colors on their outdoor power products; it only makes sense to offer consumers an upgraded product at every price point for when they need something sturdy enough to handle tough jobs but still have some style too.


McCullogh Chainsaw

McCulloch Motors Corporation was founded 60 years ago by business man Robert McCulloch in 1943 and has played an important role throughout chainsaw history.

They moved from Wisconsin to California and produced their first chainsaw, 3-25, which revolutionized the industry with its light one-man chain saw.

As McCulloch’s chainsaw entered the market, a revolution was underway. The new model weighed less than many competing models on the market and became an instant success among enthusiasts of all skill levels who were looking for something light enough to carry with ease but powerful enough to get through even larger trees without significantly slowing down in their progress.

In 1968 they introduced Power Mac 6; at 8 pounds fully fueled it set a precedent that still holds true today: Chainsaws are not meant simply as tools, but instead can be used by anyone from professionals to homeowners looking for ways around heavy tree limbs or fallen logs when clearing out yards during fall cleanups or creating pathways between gardens beds.


Homelite Chainsaw

Homelite Corporation has been a great success over the years. They’re known for their power equipment like chainsaws and generators of electricity that are used by people all around the world, as well as being one of companies to have ever invented an electric chain saw meant for use on trees called “the One-Man Chain Saw”.

It produces chainsaws, leaf blowers, and trimmers that were first introduced to the world during World War II when they became one of America’s largest post-war manufacturers of portable generators following the war.

They also hold distinction as being home to the world’s very first commercialized 1 man operated chain saw in 1954 – truly revolutionary for its time.

In 1946, they released the first electric model of this type and in 1949 came out with an innovative design that made it possible to operate on your own.

By 1967, Homelite had become one of the largest manufacturers of these products-this year saw them release what would soon be recognized as “lightweight” models which were revolutionary at the time.


Jobu Chainsaw

Trygve Johnsen and Gunnar Busck found Jobu in Norway in 1947. In 1948 they produced chainsaws and other forestry machines until 1979 when the company stopped production entirely for a few years before releasing their brand again as Jobus on 1983.

The design of the chainsaw, “Jobu Senior,” was so revolutionary that it changed forestry forever. Johnson and Busk were the brains behind Jobu Senior, a chainsaw that came with an Aspin engine.

The Jobu saw had an Aspin engine which required a carburetor with float chamber and when the saw was placed on the side, one needed to rotate its gas tank accordingly.


Solo Chainsaw

You might have heard of a brand called Solo. They’re known for their chainsaws and other power tools. Described as one of the most powerful and versatile chainsaws on the market, Solo is great for those who are looking to get rid of trees or shrubs.

The Emmerich brothers, Hans and Heinz created the Solo 14 pound motor in 1948. This was a really big deal since it is small yet powerful enough to power an older model of lawnmower or scooter that had been previously too heavy for people to use.

They received fantastic feedback from customers who were eager to buy their products after seeing them at trade shows in Germany which helped make them successful more quickly than they might have expected.

The Solo Company had a keen eye on the market, and its products have been in demand for decades. Their first invention of lawn mowers was with tractors back in 1928.

But that wasn’t enough. By 1953 they were also manufacturing cultivators as well as power tools like chainsaws to make it easier during wintertime production when consumers would be using their machines less often because of snowfall.


Dolmar Chainsaw

Dolmar, which also now makes chainsaws under the Makita brand has been providing customers with amazing heavy-duty and professional grade machines for decades.

The Dolmar Company, also known for its Makita chainsaw brand, produces some of the best equipment found in any industry.

Professionals everywhere know this and often choose to buy their products first because they are so amazing, including those working with forestry or tree service companies as well as individuals who work in landscaping and construction industries around the globe.

Black & Decker 

Black & Decker Chainsaw

Black & Decker chainsaw was created by a company that had been manufacturing power tools since 1910. The Black and Decker Company is one of the largest manufacturers in the world, so when they say something should be done with care, it’s better to listen.

Black and Decker have been on the market for a long time. They are one of the best chainsaw manufactures, ranking high in customer satisfaction surveys with their reliable power tools that put out plenty of juice to get through any project you might be working on – whether it’s cutting down brush or trimming back branches from your trees.

There little chainsaw is the perfect size for all of our yard work needs. We can use it on anything from simple tasks to more complex ones, and its lightweight makes it easy to handle no matter what your strength level is. BLACK+DECKER 40V Max 20″ Cordless Chainsaw is most popular nowadays.


Oregon Chainsaw

Oregon is the leading brand of chainsaws in the world and it all started with their first product, released over 70 years ago. They’ve continued to innovate across each new model they release ensuring that every customer has a pleasant experience when purchasing an Oregon Chainsaw.

Since 1947 they have been innovating and making remarkable inventions that are unmatched by any other manufacturer on Earth.

The company produces electric chain saws that are not only affordable but also produce an excellent cutting quality.

Their self-sharpening feature made them stand out when compared to other brands of chainsaws on the market today and their low emission rates make it easy for consumers who want a clean cut with no hassle.

The chainsaw’s ergonomic shape, low kickback and no emission make it the perfect tool to cut timber.


Remington Chainsaw

Remington is the perfect company to call when you need help with your yard work. They produce a wide variety of power tools, including chainsaws and trimmers that are guaranteed to make any job easier on yourself.

When you have a big job ahead of yourself, check out Remington tools. They offer many varieties and new technology so that no matter your needs, they’ll be able to help.

If you’re going to be working outside in the lawn or garden today with your trusty tool by your side then there’s a good chance that it will come from this award-winning brand who has been making powerful products for over 60 years now – so why not try them?

Remington Chainsaws have been manufactured in China. The company’s chainsaw manufacturing process has not changed much, as it still employs the help of Zhejiang Pioneer Machinery & Electron Company and imports them from Tempe, Arizona where they are then sold to customers across America.

Remington starting as a tool company at 1921 and at 1954 they introduce a chainsaw. It’s largely used to cut smaller trees and limbs and comes with various innovative and unique features.

They produce electric and gas powered chainsaw. Quick start, two-cycle engine, low vibration, tank oil level viewer and ergonomic smooth design increase the acceptability of their models to consumers. The key attraction of their product is cheap price and lightweight.


Makita Chainsaw

Makita has been building chainsaws for over thirty years and boasts a worldwide reputation of quality from their close cooperation with experts in the forestry industry.

Dolmar is one of the oldest manufacturers in Germany and was founded by Emil Lerp. His 1927 invention, type A saws which weighed 125 pounds and required two men to operate, are still used today with success.

In 1991 Dolmar became a subsidiary company under Japanese tool manufacturer Makita because they’ve been around for so long.

Makita chainsaws have been engineered to meet the need of both the professional and discerning home user. High torque engine, compact design and eminent power to weight ratio along with some innovative features make some safer and less tiring to use and to minimize the impact on the environment.

The important issues of noise, vibration, commission maintenance and the ongoing running costs have all been addressed to produce highly efficient and reliable saws with long-run service life.


Echo Chainsaw

Echo is another dominant handheld power equipment brand that has many consumers since 1972 in North America and the entire world.

Echo brand is controlled and owned by Yamabiko Corporation of Japan. The company’s hegemonic control over the market was threatened its competitors.

Over the year, their patented innovative features like two stroke gas engine, vibration reducing technology and pro-fire ignition system introduced consumer’s fresh taste and multitude it’s selling. They produce mini to mid-sized on chainsaws consumer interests.

Why Chainsaws Were Originally Invented?

Chainsaws were invented to make the process of cutting trees easier. The first chainsaws were hand-cranked and barely able to cut through a log. As technology moved forward, it became possible to produce electric chainsaws that make the job a lot easier than using only your hands.

As motorized saws became cheaper, their increasing production resulted in an increased need for gas used by wood mills across America.

The invention of the chainsaw seems to go back to a patent filed by Black and Decker in 1921. Initially, these saws were supposed to be auxiliary tools for workers in industries like logging – but they quickly became popular with construction companies as well because they are very efficient at cutting logs and tree branches into usable lengths that can then be processed further.

Things have changed quite a bit since then; modern chainsaws use things like electric motors (or smaller versions that can run on gas) instead of air powered generators.

Safety features have also been added, so now it’s much more difficult for the operator of a chainsaw to accidentally injure himself while he’s working

Who Invented The Chainsaw Chain First

In 1856, Makita invented the chainsaw chain in Japan. Makita is a Japanese tool manufacturer. In 1856 they invented the chainsaw chain. They make awesome tools for awesome people.

It’s important to note that many of the early inventors of this technology never lived to see how its use would evolve over time.

Loggers were looking for an efficient way of harvesting trees rather than relying on saws, but they did not anticipate how widely used it would become throughout 20th century society.

The chainsaw’s invention has been linked to the forest industry of the early 20th century.

Chainsaws were suited for use in forests because they required relatively little skill and strength from its operator, yet could produce large amounts of high-quality work per day.

Before then, a team of workers using axes was required to fell a tree. One worker would swing an ax to chop the tree down, another worker on the ground would guide it over with levers and ropes. 

Final Words

Chainsaw companies have their products on the market. The best Old chainsaw brands know consumers are always looking for a budget-friendly, lightweight and long-lasting chainsaws – which is why they keep these qualities in mind when making their product. You can follow this buying guide for best electric chainsaws in affordable price with durability.

The latest top model of chainsaws from old chain saw companies are now available in the market at a very affordable price for its quality and durability.

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