Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer: What Are the Differences

Hair dryers and heat guns are two important, regular tools in daily life. But, so many people make themselves confused to make the difference between a heat gun and a hair dryer.

Is there a difference between a heat gun and a hair dryer? Or which one should you choose for your projects?

Today, I will discuss a perfect comparison between heat guns and hair dryers so that you can get a clear concept of them.

The information and real-life data help you a lot to clear your confusion, and you can use the right tool for your projects. Stay tuned.

Heat gun vs Hair Dryer

Heat Gun

A heat gun is a tool which produces hot airflow. The heat gun helps the users use multiple projects to remove and dry multiple elements.

For example, you can use the heat gun to dry paint or remove paint, wrapping, and other areas. The maximum temperature of a heat gun is 1300 degrees F.

Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is a simple tool that is designed for drying hair. No doubt, a hair dryer tool is widely used, but it isn’t capable of producing much temperature. The maximum temperature of a heat gun is 140 degrees F.

Heat gun vs. Hair Dryer: A Comparison Table

In this section, I will share with you a perfect comparison of heat gun and hair dryers so that you can easily understand which option is a good option for you.

I would love to suggest you check out the following table to get a clear concept of using a heat gun or hair dryer.

Heat GunHair Dryer
It designs for home improvement and heavy heating projectsDesigns for hair drying
The temperature level is 200 to 1300 degrees FThe hair dryer only provides you 140-degrees F temperature
It is not suitable for hairIt is suitable for hair
It is expensive than hair dryerIt is less expensive than heat gun

Heat Gun VS Hair Dryer: Vinyl Wrap

If you asked me which is a good option for a vinyl wrap heat gun or hair dryer, I would love to suggest you use a heat gun.

Why? Because the hair dryer produces a maximum 140 degrees F temperature, which is not enough for a vinyl wrap, it takes much time to wrap.

Similarly, the vinyl wrap quickly and safely works at 700 degrees Fahrenheit, which you will get from a heat gun.

That’s why I recommend using the heat gun to get the perfect temperature for vinyl wrap without facing any temperature problems.

Can You Use a Hair Dryer Instead of a Heat Gun?

It depends on your projects. Suppose you want to use a hair dryer for your projects which comes with a maximum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit; you can use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun.

On the other hand, you may not use the hair dryer up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

In my experience, the heat gun is the best solution for every type of project, including a hair dryer.

So, if possible, you should use a heat gun for your multiple projects.

Can You Use a Hair Dryer as a Heat Gun for Resin?

The official answer is no. You can’t use the hair dryer as a heat gun for resin because resin needs a minimum 700 degrees F temperature which the hair dryer is not supplied with.

However, the hair dryer is capable of producing a maximum 140 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

The hair dryer on the resin is not working properly. From my point of view, you need to use the hair dryer for resin multiple times to complete the projects, which may not be a good option for you.

So, you just need to use the heat gun for your resin projects.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is a hair dryer just as good as a heat gun?

Hair dryers and heat guns are two popular tools which we need in our day to day life. But, it is true that a hair dryer is not usable for heat gun projects.

The hair dryer comes with some limitations, such as temperature, function, use, and others.

Q: What can I use in place of a heat gun?

First of all, you need to know where you can use the heat gun. It is hard enough to say the list of the exact tools to use the tools instead of a heat gun.

Whatever you can use, an alcohol burner, a soldering iron, a butane torch, a 300mw engraving laser, and some other tools.

Q: Can I use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun to remove the paint?

No, a hair dryer is not the right tool to remove paint. To remove paint, you need to use extreme heat, which should be up to 8000 degrees F.

The hair dryer is not provided. So, it is suitable for you to use the heat gun to remove paint easily.

Q: Do I need a heat gun?

If you want to complete your wrapping, drying, or removing projects without using manual tools, I think you should use a heat gun.

Of course, the heat gun comes with the maximum heating capable system. I hope that you may get your question answered.

Final Words

Are you still unsatisfied with getting the answer from the above section? Then you let me know in the following comment box.

I shared with you core information about the heat gun and hair dryer so that you can make the right decision to choose the right tool for you.

Typically, a heat gun is more powerful than a hair dryer. A hair dryer should be used for hair drying or other fewer temperature areas.

I hope you can understand what I said about this matter.